Truly Italian & Gorgeous Neapolitan Panna Cotta

After the basic low – cal Vanilla Panna cotta let’s extend it to have Neapolitan taste and look!

The term Neapolitan too comes from Italy. It is a combination flavor of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry side by side!

When you have no time to make a fancy dessert, yet impress your guests, this recipe can come to the rescue!

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Panna Cotta on a diet!

Let’s indulge your sweet tooth without any guilt!
Let’s put the Famous Italian dessert Panna cotta on a diet (giggles)

Traditionally, it is made by thickening sweetened cream using gelatin.
I personally don’t like using gelatin, so I have used agar agar powder(Plant based gelatin substitute) here.

I believe that we can always have our sweet fix by making smart choices.

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