Truly Italian & Gorgeous Neapolitan Panna Cotta

After the basic low – cal Vanilla Panna cotta let’s extend it to have Neapolitan taste and look!

The term Neapolitan too comes from Italy. It is a combination flavor of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry side by side!

When you have no time to make a fancy dessert, yet impress your guests, this recipe can come to the rescue!

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Panna Cotta on a diet!

Let’s indulge your sweet tooth without any guilt!
Let’s put the Famous Italian dessert Panna cotta on a diet (giggles)

Traditionally, it is made by thickening sweetened cream using gelatin.
I personally don’t like using gelatin, so I have used agar agar powder(Plant based gelatin substitute) here.

I believe that we can always have our sweet fix by making smart choices.

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Sweet little footsteps of joy and blissful beginnings


Aren’t these baby footsteps cookies in shades of pastel pink and blue and white totally delightful! Any parents-to-be would be totally pleased when showered with these winsome cookies!

I made this for a colleague when he announced that they were expecting their first little bundle of joy.Coincidently I was expecting a baby too! And all this double excitement gave birth to these overly cute cookies!

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Easy Peasy vegan oats pancakes

Today I would like to share with you my secret breakfast recipe of the fluffiest ,healthiest and 100% vegan oat pancakes!
And trust me you cannot get this yumminess well under 250 calories.

How many healthy recipes have you tried and were really enjoyed by you and your family?
I am sure not many!
But I can assure you these pancakes are not only nutritious, cholesterol free but amazingly tasty at the same time!

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