Sweet little footsteps of joy and blissful beginnings


Aren’t these baby footsteps cookies in shades of pastel pink and blue and white totally delightful! Any parents-to-be would be totally pleased when showered with these winsome cookies!

I made this for a colleague when he announced that they were expecting their first little bundle of joy.Coincidently I was expecting a baby too! And all this double excitement gave birth to these overly cute cookies!

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All aboard the wonderful and whimsical jungle safari!

Hey you party animal!
Are you planning your baby’s birthday party or a novel theme for your next event , nothing is more fun than a jungle safari party!
From tiger-striped cookies to fancy cake topped with monkeys,giraffes and tigers, we can’t get enough!
If you’re feeling the call of the wild, check out the gorgeous and whimsical jungle safari theme party combo by CAKE D’OR and go bananas!

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Tiraṅgā Cookies

Traveling back in time to revive my old days has become my recent favorite pastime !
Today I am remembering the Indian republic day celebration as a kid.
Republic day then for me was a holiday from school in the middle of the week and leisurely munching on the yummy breakfast made by mom (giggles)

Seriously speaking, the highlight was the most fascinating Republic day parade along the Rajpath, past the India Gate.
The republic day parade would start after the Indian Prime minister paying homage to the martyred soldiers who sacrificed themselves for the freedom of the country and other subsequent wars to keep us safe.
A truly patriotic moment!
Thanks to them and all the other Indian freedom luminaries , I hold my head up high and say, yes I am an ‘Indian’!

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Christmas Cookies

I did my early education in a convent school. Christmas was one of the most awaited festivals for me and my school peeps then.

Then Christmas for us was participating in the skits, singing hymns and being anxious  about the Christmas gift Santa would hide in the stocking I hung.Loved those chilly vacation mornings with the golden sunrays entering the room.Enjoyed  hogging on the plum cake and fighting with my folks to get the biggest piece!

Those days were pure gold!

Now it is all just a nostalgia!

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