Sweet little footsteps of joy and blissful beginnings


Aren’t these baby footsteps cookies in shades of pastel pink and blue and white totally delightful! Any parents-to-be would be totally pleased when showered with these winsome cookies!

I made this for a colleague when he announced that they were expecting their first little bundle of joy.Coincidently I was expecting a baby too! And all this double excitement gave birth to these overly cute cookies!

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Christmas Cookies

I did my early education in a convent school. Christmas was one of the most awaited festivals for me and my school peeps then.

Then Christmas for us was participating in the skits, singing hymns and being anxious  about the Christmas gift Santa would hide in the stocking I hung.Loved those chilly vacation mornings with the golden sunrays entering the room.Enjoyed  hogging on the plum cake and fighting with my folks to get the biggest piece!

Those days were pure gold!

Now it is all just a nostalgia!

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