Celebrate love this Valentine’s like lovebirds!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner!

While the whole world is expressing their love through expensive gifts, heart shaped everything and anything and a brouhaha of soft toys ,

Why not say I love you this valentine’s with these immensely cute , fudgy , chocolate Lovebirds cookies !

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Pair of Swans

Recently, I received the request for an Anniversary cake of a senior couple, a gift from their daughter.(awwww….)

Generally, I design the cake first and then the topper, to add more drama. But with this particular cake I started with the topper. It was more like the subject of the cake. I wanted something that signified a divine relationship!

Then began days and nights of a never ending research (That’s how it felt in the beginning at least…) Finally, I singled upon a subject.

Pair of Swans!

They exemplify Love, Purity ,Balance, Elegance, Partnership and Transformation – A perfect union!
They  form a monogamous bond that lasts for the lifetime!

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