Our products

We craft decadent treats – exquisite as gold to celebrate life!
We provide unique, custom made products using the highest quality ingredients and the latest in cake designing tools,trends and technology to create a masterpiece appealing to all the five senses.



Name the occasion and we have the cake for you! No not the ancient Pineapple Pastry or Black Forest. It is time to move on to buttercream and fondant covered neat and sophisticated cakes!


Includes all the mini treats, perfect for your sweet fix any hour of the day – mini cakes ,cupcakes, mini cupcakes, truffles and of course not the traditional square-ish boring brownies ,dig into flower-shaped fudgy chocolate brownies!


Bite sized goodies in varied textures, chewy, crunchy and buttery melt in mouths. Dressed up as frightfully cute ghosts for Halloweens or morphed into airplanes for the little pilots. Take your pick!

Themed Dessert Tables

Imagine having a cupcake in one hand, cookie in the other and luscious cake piece in the plate! Heaven isn’t it? We offer combos to dress up the dessert table at your parent’s 50th anniversary, your little one’s first birthday or your corporate event. The combos may include two of our treat families or all … Continue reading Themed Dessert Tables

Exotic Flavors

Vanilla and chocolate flavors are such a cliché, dare to try Desi flavors like Chai latte or Thandai, Red velvet from the United States or the Limonada De Coco from the Caribbean? Basic flavors Premium Flavors


Why only stuck with whipped cream? Try out our new frostings with a heavenly feel, just perfect to match all taste preferences!