Celebrate Holi this year with colorful flavors – Thandai Cupcakes!

Holi , celebrated during spring is one of the biggest ,vibrant, high – spirited and lively festivals celebrated in India with splish-splash of colorful water and coloring each other’s faces with the Gulal.

No Indian festival can be complete without the delicacies! Based on the region ,there is a varied range of sweets and delicacies that are prepared to celebrate Holi!

Thandai is a favorite all –over India!

It tastes absolutely heavenly! It is a cold drink prepared with a mixture of almonds, pistachios,fennel seeds, watermelon seeds, rose petals, cardamom,cinnamon, saffron, milk and sugar .But it is Fennel (Saunf) which gives it a super –refreshing and rejuvenating feel.
This Holi I combined the traditional Indian zesty flavors of Thandai with every tempting and scrumptious cupcakes – Thandai Cupcakes with Rose and vanilla buttercream!


A little about the procedure of making these flavorsome delights.

I ground all the nuts and spices coarsely using the Traditional mortar and pestle, which offers a nice crunch and excitement to the cupcakes!

The chopped ,fresh rose leaves enhance the refreshing taste further and they blend so beautifully with the cupcake batter.
The whole area was filled with a sweet aroma, while the cupcakes were baking.

Absolutely no artificial essence or extract were used in the batter and yes they are 100% vegetarian!


Now coming to the frosting! I used homemade rosewater
Rose and vanilla are like a match made in the heaven, the complement each other very well .
Any other frosting would not make a better combination with the Thandai Cupcakes!


So finally presenting my fusion desert , a very much successful and yummy experiment to relish this Holi!


Wishing you all a very Happy Holi!
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