An ode to the Amazing women of today!

Let’s celebrate this women’s day The Sweet Tooth Style!
Here is my pancake art dedicated to all those amazing women I know!
The force that drives me!
Wishing you all a Happy international Women’s day!

Today I would like to introduce you the most influential women in my life.

She gave me the Mantra…

Whatever Happens…Happens for the Best

I repeats these words of my Mom , whenever I do not get something I longed for .I tell myself – something better is in store for you! Trust me it really works!

Still remember the day ,she held my hand and wept. She would now get busy in her married life and miss her daily English lessons.
“I do not like giving thumb impression, I want to sign”. This simple wish of our household help made me realize…

Self -respect is everything!

When I was on my baby break for long six-months,I realized what it is to be a just a housewife.

She Is A Housewife, She Doesn’t Work!

All you women out there
You are confident, independent, modern and above all the most beautiful!

You are the women of Today!


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