All aboard the wonderful and whimsical jungle safari!

Hey you party animal!
Are you planning your baby’s birthday party or a novel theme for your next event , nothing is more fun than a jungle safari party!
From tiger-striped cookies to fancy cake topped with monkeys,giraffes and tigers, we can’t get enough!
If you’re feeling the call of the wild, check out the gorgeous and whimsical jungle safari theme party combo by CAKE D’OR and go bananas!

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This Theme Party combo falls in the category of a large Diamond Party Combo, which includes 1 serving of Wow Cake + 1 standard cupcake + 1 Wow cookie
Read more about the Theme Party combos in Price section.

The Cookie platter was the most fun part of the theme and vanished in few seconds!

The base is fudgy chocolate sugar cookie, very much like a brownie. The cookies were decorated with fondant, some like palm trees, some with tiger stripes, few had giraffe spots and other in the theme colors of yellow and orange.


I so wish I could have taken a video of how went about these adorable cookies, but here is a quick picture guide video for making these lovelies!


The brownie cupcakes were the easiest to make. The theme colored cupcake liners just made them pop on the dessert table.They were decorated with green vanilla frosting and topped with paper cupcake toppers.




Now comes the best part! The Cake!

The cake consisted of creamy vanilla layers frosted with chocolate buttercream and iced in ombre green vanilla buttercream. The bottom border was adorned with tiny fondant palm leaves.
The main highlight of the cake were the cutesy jungle friends Mr. monkey, Mr. Giraffe and Mr. Tiger , RRRoooarr!
To complete theme the palm tree was placed atop the cake. All the cake toppers are created with modelling chocolate and are very much edible!

The monkey’s tail was gone in 5 minutes after the cake was cut!


All the little guests were delighted to be a part of the jungle safari!

Would you like to join too???

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