Celebrate love this Valentine’s like lovebirds!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner!

While the whole world is expressing their love through expensive gifts, heart shaped everything and anything and a brouhaha of soft toys ,

Why not say I love you this valentine’s with these immensely cute , fudgy , chocolate Lovebirds cookies !


I think no mortal represents the sentiment of Valentine’s Day better than the lovebird.
They mate for life. They pine for each other and are depressed if separated.
Like the overly affectionate couples on Valentine’s Day they feed each other too!

Lovebirds are my inspiration for the valentine cookies this year. They can be a perfect gift for anniversaries too!

Why cookies? – they are bite size, a little crunchy a little soft and make a perfect serving before the special valentine dinner!

I used the Wilton 101 cookie cutter set for these lovelies. The base is a chocolate sugar cookie, made gorgeous with modelling chocolate tinted as red, pastel pink and white. Little orange for the beak and claws and some black for the twig.

DSC_0458 - Copy The lovebird heart cookie was the toughest to bake because of its size, it is approximately 6 inches wide.
Also getting the right expressions on the pair killed a lot of time (which seemed easier).Made the female lovebird look cute and sweet with her curled lashes!
Enjoyed making their cutest teeny weeny claws on the twig.
And here is the end result, just like I imagined it to be!

Then I used the smaller heart cutters for – Love is in the air – smaller heart cookies.
And the easiest of all were L-O-V-E cookies, made using the alphabet cookie cutters.
Kept the heart and the alphabet cookies simple for the lovebirds to pop.


Indeed an unique surprise for my Valentine!
How about you?

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