Sure fire guide to deal with dreaded cake mishaps!

Tired of making different cake with the same recipe? (giggles)

Yes as a newbie,either the recipe has faults or you seriously went wrong with measuring and preparing the ingredients. It is very important to measure the baking ingredients accurately.Baking is not like pasta,today you added a teaspoon of garlic powder, tomorrow a couple.

Baking is a science. The ingredients should react in the right quantities to make the best cake! A balance between flour, leaveners, fats, and liquids is a must!

First and foremost get yourself measuring spoons , measuring cups and liquid measuring cups. Dry and liquid measuring cups are not interchangeable and can cause inaccurate measurements.

Too much flour can cause the cakes to be dry,tough or rubbery ,basically bad textured.Too less and you invite a lot of other problems like cake not setting,gooey,taking longer to bake  or sinking in the center.

Salt enhances the taste of any baked good, but if you eyeball it instead of measuring using a spoon it can almost ruin your cake.

Leavening or raising agents like baking powder, baking soda play a very crucial role. Too much raising agent can cause the cake to dome and crack or sink in the middle. Too lense would generate dense,hard-solid like cakes.

Also, never mix cakes in a hurry, always plan in advance take time and enjoy the whole process!

By planning in advance I am referring to having all the ingredients at room temperature and not ice cold from the refrigerator,especially liquids -milk,buttermilk,yogurt, eggs and most importantly butter.

Never microwave your butter, can cause cakes to be dense and your lovely rolled cookies to spread. If you forget to take out your butter from the refrigerator, grate it or cut in fine pieces.

Similarly cold eggs fail to give the desired lift or fluffiness to your cakes.

It is always very tempting to substitute low cal ingredients, for example 3/4 cup oil per cup of butter, but it can fail the recipe. Stay away from too many substitutions.

Lastly, if baking at high altitudes only God can help you!

I am placed in Bogota, which is 2625 mts (approx 8600 ft) above sea level. High altitude baking need adjustment to the flour,raising agents,liquids and even the sugar. Follow the link below for high altitude adjustments:

High Altitude Baking

I learnt all this the hard way. I hope somebody would have taught me this when I started!



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