A a techie’s high -tech culinary journey!

I am a Software Engineer by choice!

It was back in 2002 when I was at the crossroads of choosing a career path.
Whether follow the footsteps of my sister, an architect or excel in Mechanical Engineering like my Father, or as per my aptitude test and career counselling go for journalism/law !
But I just loved the way Software Engineer sounded (silly me)!
What to do???

The best way to deal with such tough situations – Follow your heart, always!
I ruled out everything and took to software engineering! That’s how a perfectly impulsive but passionate Scorpio behaves!

I graduated in 2006 and have been in this industry for almost ten years! I really enjoyed those years, made many friends, grew as an individual ,met my first love – Java (giggles) and travelled the world (well, almost)

Looking back on those years, (I don’t regret anything, but) I feel I need some change in life.

The memory of a seminar I attended just before joining Amdocs (I work there )flashes in front of my eyes. I don’t remember everything , but there was a term that etched in my mind Burnout.
Then, I did not seem to understand the whole concept of burnout, how can one be fed up of what one loves to do!
But trust me ,it is indeed real, I am experiencing it now!

The things I enjoyed – watching movies(my husband calls me Bollywood encyclopedia), I always had an inclination to creative things, be it sketching , drawing, painting or craft, cooking delicious stuff, all my hobbies took the backseat .

I would describe my normal day, as
wake up,
rush to office,
check emails,
grab a cup of coffee(the software engineers brain does not work without it’s timely dose of coffee).
Work, work, work ,curse that bug, slog, slog ,slog, (I could replace those punctuations with coffee , laughs)
Return home for dinner
And finally, dream that you fixed the bug, hurray!

I did not see any problem with this , because I was successful !
My parameters of success was the bonus ,the appreciations, the foreign trips and the assets I owned , but it was slowly leading me to the dreaded “ Burnout”

The best way to deal it was to bring about a radical change!
Primarily, I stopped dreaming about those bugs!
Took to photography and baking!
That is when I realized, tangible things that you create, gives a better sense of achievement.
Baking has introduced me to a whole new world of creativity!
Baking is my therapy to fight burnout. It was my hobby which now has turned into my passion.
My passion now has a name – The Sweet Tooth – Designer cake boutique.

To all my software engineer friends out there,

Logout before you burnout!


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