A Serene yet astonishing -First Communion Cake

Today I present to you , my first-ever Tiered cake for the First Holy Communion of a pretty girl!

The concept of the holy communion ceremony was totally new for a non- catholic like me!
Before I could start designing the cake, I wanted to completely understand what the first holy communion is? What it signifies?

When a software engineer is in distress – it is google that comes to the rescue!

Based on my quick research and keeping my little client in mind, here is my list that helped me design the cake

  1. Pink happens to be my client’s favorite color – and hence I zeroed upon Pink Velvet cake flavor
  2. First holy communion is a very important religious tradition for catholic families and individuals – The Cross sign would make the apt cake topper.
  3. The first communicant wears special , white clothing to symbolize purity, something similar to a little brideWhite would be the theme color of the cake, with flowy , fabric like details like, ruffles or pleats adorned with cutesy pink flowers.
  4. After the religious events are done it’s like a big party a feast – That calls for some bling.

Then I started with my project – a herculean task!

DSC_0599I started with the fondant, cross sign topper (as I told you I am weird, normal people would start with the bottom tier, then top tier and finally the topper).
I used the Wilton 100 cookies cutter set, to cut the fondant into cross sign. The cross sign was then decorated with fondant scrolls and pink flowers and some silver pearls to add the bling.
Finally some pearl dust to give instant shine!

The top tier ,consisted of 5 inch wide and 2 inch high 2 layers of pink velvet cake frosted with dreamy vanilla frosting.
The fondant covered cake, was decorated with a drapery of fondant and fondant scrolls and flower pattern. To complete the look, the sides were decorated with cross pattern of silver pearls.


The bottom tier, which was 9 inch wide and totally 4 inch tall took most of my time.
I decided to do a pleated pattern on it.
This is how I went about the pleats. Cut out a 9 inch circle from a paper. Folded it along the diameter four times, to have 16 equal sectors. I used this paper circle to demarcate my pleats on the cake.
Cut out a sector from the paper guide and used it to cut the fondant triangles which made my pleats. The triangle has to be enlarged keeping in mind that the pleat will go over and on the sides of the cake, approximately 15” long. Slightly fold one side of the triangular fondant piece to give it the pleated look. Using the guidelines place the pleat one after the other in an overlapping fashion to cover the cake (that is an endless procedure, laughs).

And you are ready with a beautiful fabric like pleated base tier.

Both the tiers were sprayed with pearl dust

Next comes the assembly!
When it comes to tiered cakes, I make each tier as a separate cake with cake drums below each layer. The top tiers have cake drum exactly matching the size of the cake.
The bottom tier had dowel rods to support the top tier.
The cake was delivered in 3 pieces, with instructions of assembly.

And finally here is the totally serene cake!




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