Elegance in simplicity!

Today I present to you a simple, but elegantly marvelous , eggless red-velvet cake for a daughter who was looking for a simply delicious birthday cake for her mother’s 61st birthday at a price that will simply make you smile


It is always the simple that produces the marvelous. – Amelia Barr

Let me you tell you Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and being simple is the most complicated skill! Wow I am a poet! (Giggles)
This cake is a perfect example of how “The Sweet Tooth” standard, No – frills , cakes look and are offered in a very cost effective manner . They taste delicious as always, the moistness melts in your mouth and makes you go ummmmm, after every bite.

Now let’s talk about the elegance!

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades. – Audrey Hepburn

Elegance and simplicity go hand in hand.The dreamy ruffles of the vanilla buttercream on the top and the sides of the cake give a very delicate and a natural motion to the cake.


And how do you like the abstract accents of the modelling chocolate, placed a little off-center on the façade of the cake?
I totally love it!
My inspiration for this was a printed card stock that I stumbled upon in a stationery store (while searching stuff to keep my active toddler busy) The card stock had continuous pattern of silver scrolls on a white background.
To match the inner red velvet, I improvised the card stock pattern a bit – I hand painted the modelling chocolate scrolls maroon with some silver pearl dust with the creamy, ruffled, vanilla buttercream as the background.

Voila! Its ready! Simple isn’t it?

Also I am sure the beautiful blurry light effects in the background of my cake, must have definitely caught your eye.
Let me tell you that Photography also interests me a lot.


You must be thinking ,(like my Dad) Jack of all and Master of none! (Laughs)
But I think, learning new things keeps you busy, more informed and who knows it might become your passion or profession, agree?

That, beautiful background is called the Bokeh effect, an adaptation from a Japanese word meaning blur.

For those of you with a DSLR ,ready to experiment, set your camera mode to A(Aperture mode). Set it to the lowest aperture value , to get a shallow depth of field.
For the Bokeh effect fixed lenses work the best, but even if you have a zoom lens, we should be able to pull it off.

I have used Christmas lights for this effect. Place the Christmas lights haphazardly furthest from the lens. Place your object close to you, and get a sharp focus. Automatically the Christmas lights will blur and grow in size giving you the perfect Vibrant Bokeh!

Here’s some of my work on flickr
Learning aperture and depth of field


7 thoughts on “Elegance in simplicity!

    • The Sweet Tooth - Supriya Tripathi says:

      Thank you so much!
      A beautiful looking bokeh was on my list since long….and this cake made a perfect foreground for it…I know normal people tend to find a matching background for their subject…I always do things opposite…guess I am little weird! 😀


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