A loopy affair

Today I am going to talk about the first ever cake I designed and decorated ( not baked, I have been baking sponge cakes, since I was a kid, with the help of my darling mom!)

The Loopy bow – Half Birthday cake of my son!

Also watch the video super quick technique of creating a loopy bow with fondant!

I am not a trained cake designer, but I gained knowledge by putting my creative side to use, a lot of research on the internet – YouTube specifically, DIY tutorials ,online classes on Craftsy. And Wilton has been my lifeline.

Since this was particularly the first time I bumped into cake designing and decoration, I was looking for something elegant but simple and of course boyish.


I handled the boyish part by using a red, BLUE and white color scheme.
Now coming to the elegant and simple part, I zeroed upon a parcel or a gift like semicircular ,literally HALF cake for the half birthday.
The simple bow topper elevated a beginners, simplistic cake to another level. It looks like a lot of effort must have gone into it, but trust me it is very simple.


Unfortunately I do not have pictures of the process ,but I have recently come up with a video – an elaborate guide to make this overly cute and elegant bow.

Also, few basics (that I learnt the hard way) that I would like to share with all of you.

  • When making a cake other than the conventional shape of round or square, put your physics to work and use structure strengtheners like dowel rods for better stability (else it would look like the leaning tower of Pisa).
  • After crumb-coating your cake let it sit in the refrigerator.(I know it’s not easy to be patient, yoga can help, LOL).
  • If planning to cover cake with fondant – use a cake with structure, like a pound cake or a madeira cake, a strict no to chiffon cakes! (Fondant is pretty heavy and your cake can collapse)

I wish somebody could have given me these tips when I started!

Happy Cake Decorating!

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