Her Royal Highness Cake!

Since I have a son , I get a chance to make only “guy” stuff “blue” cakes, I had been dying to make a girly ,pink cake.
since I am myself a girl I have to admit I have an affinity towards the girlier things in life!
Needless to say, I have SO been looking forward to this project!!
And I put my heart and soul into it.

A princess themed 100% vegetarian birthday cake.

DSC_0004 - Copy

The client was pretty lenient and did not have specific flavor or frosting restrictions.
However the only thing haunting my mind was 100% vegetarian cake, implying that fondant was out!

I so wanted to make a 3D topper – A magical Tiara!

I started racking my brains to find out the closest alternative to Fondant.
Royal Icing …nope…consist of egg whites,
Gum paste….nope…again egg whites,
Melted chocolate…no no no…too fragile,
Finally I zeroed upon versatile but pricey Modelling chocolate!

Next began the search for the Tiara template

I wanted a sturdy structure for my tiara keeping in mind that it had to be transported to mere 3kms,but in Bogotá Traffic!
Searched day and night on Google, but finally decided to design one myself! Put my Coreldraw skills to test and finally emerged a winner ! (giggles).

tiara-template - Copy

This template could be yours too! Click here!

Used a vacuum flask to give the Tiara, the curved structure, sprayed the ivory colored Tiara with pearl dust to give it a glistening effect and final touch – silver pearls! (Wowieee)
And here is the final result….Ta –Dah!


Now to design a cake matching my magnificent Tiara!

I know normal people design the cake first and then its topper, since childhood that is how my brain functions- contrary to normal people! (rolling eyes).Sometimes I feel it is related to me being left handed, I circle my “O’s” anticlockwise, I draw human figures from toes to head, buy earrings and then find a matching dress….geez I am WEIRD!

Getting back to our cake, which consisted of vanilla layers and combination flavor of chocolate frosted with Vanilla buttercream(drooling).
I covered the cake with pastel pink modelling chocolate. And gave it a fluffy, cushiony ,quilted effect.
Studded with silver pearls to give it a royal look!
To finish ,accentuated the cake with a satiny border and pastel pink and ivory satin roses.

Altogether a lovely surprise for Her Royal Highness!

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