Limonada de Coco Cupcakes

Limonada de Coco (Coconut limeade) is a very popular drink in Colombia and my favorite too! Trust me it is to die for!


It is something completely different than tea, coffee, ginger ale or even the traditional lemonade.

It’s based on just 4 very easy to find ingredients : ice, coconut milk, sugar and lime juice.Put everything in a blender and ready!

Whenever I used to see it on the menu of any restaurant, I would wonder…how on earth can you blend lime and coconut ? But a friend (who happens to be a fan of limonada de coco herself) gave me the courage to  try it and since then I have fallen for this cool and refreshing drink!


One fine day I decided why not convert my adoration of limonada de coco to my craving of cakes, which gave birth to a  totally irresistible  limonada de coco cupcake!

DSC_0952The cupcakes are lemon flavored and have lots of lemon rind , which makes it an uber-cool cupcake. The creaminess of coconut buttercream frosting increases the  wonderfulness of these goodies.

And wait for the final touch – Dust them lightly with coconut flakes. Wow!

Do try this out of the world combination of Coconut and lemon!




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