Adrak wali chai gets a new Avatar!

The Indian Adrak Wali chai (ginger tea) gets a new avatar – The Chai latte Naked cake

It has an intoxicating taste, has a myriad of flavors and all the goodness of a hot cup of tea in every bite!


In this combo the cupcakes have been morphed into mini cakes to match the main cake. This combo is perfect for birthdays or even Tea-parties(literally)!


While the cake was baking the entire area was filled with aroma of fresh ginger, heat of ground cloves, pungency of allspice, freshness of  lemon rind  and sweet, yet spicy  cinnamon.

The addition of concentrated tea extract gives the cake a nice orange – ish tea like tinge.



The trend of naked or unfrosted cakes, started mostly with wedding cakes. But these rustic looking cakes are classic and can complement any special occasion. They give a very sophisticated look and show the true texture and color of the cake.

Since a lot lesser icing is used the cakes are baked to be very moist and juicy and hence are the yummiest!

DSC_0728The cake was filled with whipped cream cheese icing and  the top was iced in a zigzag fashion using a star tip. The tanginess of the cream cheese icing gives a contrasting flavor and makes a very nice combination with the spiciness of the chai cake. The whipped cream cheese icing also consists of minimal sugar unlike the traditional butter cream frosting.

The silkiness of the icing and the crunchiness of chopped ginger makes every bite of the cake delightful!



And don’t you just love the cute paper buntings on the cake and the matching paper flags on the mini cakes. Non-edible decoration are nice keepsakes,like a reminder of that special day!


All in all it is a total winner!


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