Christmas Cookies

I did my early education in a convent school. Christmas was one of the most awaited festivals for me and my school peeps then.

Then Christmas for us was participating in the skits, singing hymns and being anxious  about the Christmas gift Santa would hide in the stocking I hung.Loved those chilly vacation mornings with the golden sunrays entering the room.Enjoyed  hogging on the plum cake and fighting with my folks to get the biggest piece!

Those days were pure gold!

Now it is all just a nostalgia!

But with the birth of my son, the Christmas episodes have begun again! We hang the Christmas stocking and munch on yummy Christmas shortbread cookies!


Red and the green are the colors of Christmas and perfect for Christmas themed cookies.

Shortbread cookies are my favorite. Unlike other cookies they are very simple to make and consist of only three ingredients ,one part sugar, two parts butter and four parts flour.

You can get as creative you want with the colors or the flavors.

DSC_0222Christmas tree shortbread cookies

I colored one part of the shortbread  cookie dough green. Then rolled it to a thickness of about 1/4” and then cut out the cookies using the Christmas tree cutter from the Wilton 101 cookie cutter set (I just love this set, it has a cookie cutter for every occasion!)

Poked some star shaped confetti with vibrant colors onto the cookie and threw it in the oven.

Once baked and cooled I piped a border with royal icing and Ta – dah, they are ready!

DSC_0223Christmas stocking shortbread cookie.

I colored the remainder shortbread cookie dough red. Followed the same procedure as the Christmas tree cookies, but without any confetti this time.

Once baked and cooled I piped cute little polka dots on them and fluffy fur at the top.

My kid just loved them!

Christmas pinwheel shortbread cookies

While re-rolling the scraps when making cutout cookies doesn’t it feel like the dough would never finish. The easiest solution would be pinwheel cookies.

Rolled both the colored dough separately, into rectangle of similar size. Then placed them one above the other. Applied a little pressure to affix them.

Then started rolling them tightly from the shorter side of the rectangle. Once completely rolled wrapped them in plastic wrap and chilled in the refrigerator so that they hold the shape better.

Sliced them into cookies of approximately ¼”. Once bake and cooled they are ready to be eaten and look beautiful just like that!


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


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