Pair of Swans

Recently, I received the request for an Anniversary cake of a senior couple, a gift from their daughter.(awwww….)

Generally, I design the cake first and then the topper, to add more drama. But with this particular cake I started with the topper. It was more like the subject of the cake. I wanted something that signified a divine relationship!

Then began days and nights of a never ending research (That’s how it felt in the beginning at least…) Finally, I singled upon a subject.

Pair of Swans!

They exemplify Love, Purity ,Balance, Elegance, Partnership and Transformation – A perfect union!
They  form a monogamous bond that lasts for the lifetime!

I was so proud of myself that I came up with this idea. Next was coming up with a nice form. Definitely, I did not want the clichéd swans swimming and kissing with their necks entwined in the shape of a heart, a complete no – no!

il_570xN.242673570That called for some more research and this crystal cake topper came to my rescue.

What attracted me to this was the composition, the different levels at which they were placed and the beautiful extra elongated necks and no sign of a heart!

Next I grabbed my modelling chocolate and began modelling them. I had  to fight with gravity to make them stand and balance well ,somehow I succeeded.

I like to call this one the male swan. Whenever I looked at it, I felt that I could have done better with his neck, could have arched it more artistically (you are your best critic, rolling eyes)



This one is my female swan, because it was more beautiful than the other (giggles). I was pretty happy with her neck and the overall form.



They  gave a very serene look to the cake and passed the message without making it too obvious!

Here’s the final vibrant cake,with hues of blue and tall green grass to give it a very harmonious look!


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8 thoughts on “Pair of Swans

      • startswithmyra says:

        I did see that one, amazing! There is a Korean bakery in my town, I love to see their works of art. When I first started going in there, the lady who worked there said to me, “White people don’t come in here”, I smiled and said, “Well, I do”. It’s hard to understand them but, I still find something to buy and enjoy it too.
        Keep doing what you are doing and I will see you on a food show soon!! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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