Flowers, flowers and more Flowers!


Flowers and cakes make the best of the friends.They add color and an elegant touch to any cake, cupcake or cookie.

Let’s get introduced to the CAKE D’OR Flowers…

Satin Roses

As the name suggests, these are smooth, silky and glossy ,gorgeous little roses. They have the appearance of fabric like decorative flowers. Perfect for adding glamour and oomph  to any ordinary cake.

And yes these are totally edible.


Five-Petal flowers

These are best to decorate a cake with flower motifs. Add a gracefulness to your cake. We can play around  with the size and colors of these flowers to create an interesting pattern to make the cake pop. They go well scrolls and vines.

And yes ,yes, these are edible too!



These instantly elevate the cake to a different level altogether! They have a very realistic look and sure to put your guests in the tight spot – whether to adore them or to gobble them up. These can be made in two forms – as a rosebud or a full bloomed rose.

We can experiment greatly with color here. The can be made of a single shade or a gradient. They can just be added as an accent to the cake or like a flower arrangement on top of naked cakes.

And yes you are absolutely right! These indeed are edible too!


Which one would you chose to prettify your cake with?

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