All the things that go!

You must be wondering what are “All the things that go” doing on a cake blog?

Well this was the theme for my son’s 1/2 birthday. It was not at all difficult deciding a theme. He is totally crazy about cars and planes and did I mention TRACTORS!

It was very  colorful and perky theme, with the central characters as car,  engine, plane and of course the TRACTOR!


Click here to get these adorable theme free printables!

Once done with the decoration, it was time for the biggest challenge….the sweet treats!

Every time I plan a theme party, it is like having a Cake Consultation session with myself. Generally this is how I go about the whole thought process(more like a mental breakdown, wink, wink)

Make a separate list of the adult invitees and the little ones! Will it be just a cake, or cupcakes to go with it – but there are not many little guests. Let’s settle down for a cake and some cute cookies!

DSC_0339What cake flavor would be more appealing? Vanilla, Chocolate, naah! A combination of coconut and orange, yummy! That definitely calls for coconut buttercream. To match theme the cake would look cute covered in white polka dots on sky blue fondant. Let’s give center stage to our main character, TRACTOR in the form of our cake topper! Perfect!


Vanilla creamy sugar cookies would definitely please the little ones and the elders too!

One set will the speedy plane cookies and other dashing car cookies to match the party bunting. The cookies were covered the theme colored fondant and had all the little details.


Finally I tasted success, when my 18 month old  exclaimed at the cake, Mommy TRACTOR!

Wondering what theme to design for his SECOND birthday, any suggestions?


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